Salade De Carrotte Râpées

Salade De Carrotte Râpées

Salade De Carrotte Râpées

Spring is almost here, and its time to replace those winter soups and hearty stews for more fresh and light alternatives.

Carrotte râpées, or loosely translated, grated carrot salad, is a classic everyday French dish typically served as a starter or l’aperitif.

Its not only delicious but also healthy, definitely one of your 5 (or is it now 10) a day and its very simple to prepare.

I like to serve it with crusty bread but its very versatile and could mixed salad to serve with a main meal or a lunch.

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Spatchcock Chicken With A Citrus Marinade


The summer is here (almost anyway) and the BBQ season is in full swing, the burgers have been eaten and the sausages (so far) have been edible! Although there are only so many burgers and bangers one can eat, so I have decided to do something a little different this weekend.

Spatchcock chicken with a citrus marinade. –  To start you will need to spatchcook your chicken. Read More…