A Guide To Preserving Tomato’s


Photography by Leanne Capuzziello

I have very fond memories of my Nonna filling up bottles (often beer bottles) and jars with tomatoes and preserving these tasty little fruits, she would do this every year without fail right into her later years and considered it to be a very important job in preparation for the winter.

Times have changed and you can pick up a tin of tomato’s or bottle of passatas in almost any local super market, so why would you bother to make your own which is a very time consuming process when you get the same result out of tin… Well, apart from being a nostalgic process which transports me to hot summer evenings in Italy were I can still smell all the delicious flavours in the air…The taste of freshly preserved tomato’s just doesn’t compare to anything you can buy.  Read More…

Ragu Bolognese

Photography by Adrian Lawrence

Photography by Adrian Lawrence

The smell of onions and garlic gently simmering on a crisp sunny morning is not for everyone admittedly, however for me it’s like heaven  I get transported back to my Grandparents house high up in the mountains in a small and beautifully traditional village in Italy. DSCF2212My Nonna would be busy preparing  lunch for that day and she was not  alone in this morning ritual, preparing  the sauce for the day ahead was and  still is the most important part of the day. This is when  family and friends  come together and appreciate the food that has been lovingly prepared.. I can still smell all the different flavours that filled the room, so wonderful and delicious. 

Unfortunately there never seems to be enough time for such luxury these days, I am lucky to grab a banana in the morning let alone prepare a meal. So when the week is finally done and I have a little time to relax, I like nothing more than throwing on my pinny and indulging myself in the kitchen.

In my opinion a good sauce needs to be handled with care, lovingly simmered not boiled so that all the fantastic ingredients you have selected become an amazing symphony of rich flavours.

So with this mind I wanted to share with you one of my favourite sauces. Read More…