Sweet Potato Ravioli



Photography by Leanne Capuzziello

Photography by Leanne Capuzziello

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and there is only one thing on my mind…… the desire to make pasta, I want to make something light and delicate that will reflect the lovely summers day.

To make the pasta dough I have used the following ingredients;  Read More…

A Guide To Preserving Tomato’s


Photography by Leanne Capuzziello

I have very fond memories of my Nonna filling up bottles (often beer bottles) and jars with tomatoes and preserving these tasty little fruits, she would do this every year without fail right into her later years and considered it to be a very important job in preparation for the winter.

Times have changed and you can pick up a tin of tomato’s or bottle of passatas in almost any local super market, so why would you bother to make your own which is a very time consuming process when you get the same result out of tin… Well, apart from being a nostalgic process which transports me to hot summer evenings in Italy were I can still smell all the delicious flavours in the air…The taste of freshly preserved tomato’s just doesn’t compare to anything you can buy.  Read More…