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I can pore over a food magazine for hours and often take a cookery book to bed as a bit of light reading. This is much to the dismay of my boyfriend Dave, as he knows that his peaceful slumber will be interrupted by my delighted little chirps ‘wow look at this’ and ‘do you fancy trying this tomorrow?’.

The truth is that my attraction is not just to the delicious recipes or anticipating all the different flavours that the recipe has to offer, it’s also the beautifully styled photographs bursting with colour and texture all completely irresistible. Now gripped, I know that it’s almost essential that I read on to find out what is required to make the feast before my eyes a reality.

Well, you can only imagine my excitement when I discovered that Leiths School of Food & Wine in West London were running a 7 week evening course on Food Styling with Jennifer Joyce and Sarah Cook revered food stylists within the industry.
After very little deliberation and a little re-organisation I was signed up.

As the course progressed the evenings flew, during which we were given invaluable advise and key tips to get us started on the road to food styling.

The variety of opportunities within the industry are diverse and completely fascinating, as there are many options available such as editorial, advertising, TV and film. All of which seemed to have their fair share of pros and cons for example advertising is higher paid however, the hours are very long and can be unpredictable.

Although I enjoyed the whole experience the demonstrations and practical sessions had to be my absolute favorite.

Jennifer Joyce demonstrated with ease and finesse how to make skewers look moreish and with only a few simply techniques twists and turns a plate of spaghetti is ready to be photographed


The Greek Salad Challenge.

All the ingredients were provided for this practical, we were only required to bring the props to style the salads.


The Practical.

The practical session was brilliant fun, there were four tables each laid out with different ingredients. We were given approx 30 minutes on each table to create something amazing using everything available and applying everything we had learnt.

Table 1 – The perfect burger. Table 2 – My ideal breakfast, of yoghurt, berries and cereals.  Table 3 – Ice cream. Table 4 – Soup of day.

It was very exciting and almost nerve racking as we moved off into our groups, each of us wanting our dish to look the best (or maybe that was just me and my competitive side coming out!)


The Final Practical 

The practical was finally upon us…. our opportunity to put everything we had learned into practice and with the guidance of Jennifer Joyce, Sarah Cook and Adrian Lawrence we were able to produce some fantastic pictures.

photographed by Adrian Lawrence

Photography by Adrian Lawrence

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