Photography by Leanne Capuzziello


My mum would argue that the only way to eat a fig is straight away, skin an all! And although I am inclined to agree with her, I think by taking a little extra time and some simple ingredients you can create something even more delicious. 


When selecting these little gems it’s worth noting that once a fig has been plucked from the tree it will ripen no further, therefore my advise would be to spend a little extra time selecting the ripest ones with the sweetest smell and deepest colour.

Sadly figs are a perishable fruit that won’t last long, maybe 2-3 days in the fridge at best. If however you are like me this isn’t really a concern as they are lucky to make it across the supermarket car park nevermind lasting 2-3 days in the fridge! If you are preparing for a dinner party then I would suggest either buying the day before or on the day if possible.  Read More…